Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Spoof your caller ID , show caller Id whatever you want

NOTE: This is asimple caling service. Spoofing is for fun purpose only. Rates are very low and qualityis excellent.

By spooofing your caller id with zenofon. when ever you call people you will be able to show what caller id you would like to be appear on others phone.
with zenofon you can enter your US phone number and an international numer adn they give you one US number so when you dial that US number your call get forwarded to that international number. This is direct dial.

what is spoof? by spoofing you can disply what caller id you want to show on other people's phone.
How to spoof with zenofone? after signing up/signing in with zenofone go to My account --> set up --> add a new contact --> enter your contact person's number in international format. and in caller id space enter what caller id you want to show on his/ her phone. remember here on caller id space you just enter number as it is do not use international formate. for ex just enter 1234567891 and same nuber will be disply even you can use any digits of number like your birthday 1234 or even you can use 100. any number you enter will be display on others phone when you call her/his. You can choose different caller ID of different contact.
If you leave it blank it will show your phone number by default.

Zenofon is really nice service with very low rate and excellent quality.
cheap rate
no pin
direct dial
no access number to dial
good customer services
call back facility
much more

spoofing is a service you are just paying call charges to destination.
India is 3 cent per minutes

yupeephone is still cheaper it gives India mobile at 1.06 cent per minute.

please leave your comments and experience about spoofing

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to have a detailed infomation on formalities reqire to do call spoofing.

    My email id is

  2. hi Sajal
    Just sign up with zenofon they will give you a free e credit of few dollars.
    then in set up menu put your US phone number and then number you want to call( it might be a US number, INdian number or any other number) and then caller id field put a number you want to show for that person.

    this is a very easy process. Just sign up and go to set up.

    You can choose different caller id for different people.

    Just remember Spoofing is for fun only do not try to misuse it or hurt some one by spoofing